Simple POS System can Improve Restaurant Profit

by Zan Lano on Mar 03, 2023

Can a simple POS system improve restaurant profit? The answer is a big YES! However, not all POS systems for restaurants are equal in this regard. At LPA Retail, we recommend Revel. When it comes to analytics capabilities, reporting, and ease of use, there is just no comparison.

We know what you’re thinking: “I’m not a math whiz”; which means you are basically just like 95% of the population. Revel figured this out and made everything as easy to understand as possible. No math, analytics, or advanced technology skills required.

Just think how this levels the playing field with your bigger, better funded competitors! Now even small, single location table service and quick serve restaurants can cost-effectively take advantage of easy to understand analytics to improve their bottom line.

Here are some ways that super easy, super basic analytics can boost sales.

1. Streamline Operations: Sales data provides the hard performance numbers and key trends; answering questions such as: How is revenue trending over days, weeks, months, etc.? How does that compare to the previous period? How many of each menu option are we selling per day, week, month and how is that trending? This not only provides a clear picture of the current situation, but facilitates accurate planning.

2. Track Labor Performance and Needs: Employee reports provide detailed insight into how employees (individually and collectively) impact the restaurant. Labor reports provide information on labor spend in a given period, identify the highest performing employees and enable better recruitment forecasting.

3. Maximize Inventory Efficiency: How are your inventory levels? Do you have the right amount of each item to last until the next delivery? Are you wasting inventory or running a little too close to expiration dates? Inventory reporting data answers these critical questions and nearly eliminates the manual aspect of inventory management.

4. Keep Up with Guests: Today’s best POS systems, like Revel, have a guest relationship management system that captures contact information and order history. Reports identify guests that visited the restaurant the most, the days they visited, how long it has been since their last visit, which guests spent the most money, etc. The system uses this information to automate follow up activities such as thank-you messages and coupons that incentivize more dining experiences.

5. Customizations: LPA Retail is unique in that it has the in-house talent (with more than 35 years of development experience) to fully customize the POS systems it sells. This gives their clients a big advantage—one point of contact, one point of accountability and the assurance that LPA Retail backs the entire system—customizations and all.

Data from all of these facets: operations, inventory, human resources, guest relationships and targeted customizations will integrate to provide a full picture of the restaurant’s health and lay out a clear path to greater revenue.

Look at it this way: After learning what POS analytics can do for your restaurant, why would you not want to take full advantage? For a free consultation and/or demo contact us at: (952) 814-4800