Hospitality POS System for Restaurants

by Zan Lano on Mar 03, 2023

LPA Retail Systems is now offering Revel, one of the top cloud-based, iPad-based POS systems for restaurants on the market today. With a cloud-based POS system like Revel, you are always just a few clicks away from your restaurant even when you aren’t actually in the restaurant. This means you won’t be tied to a desk or hostess stand anymore. With a swipe or a click you can:

  • See how your staff is doing from anywhere
  • Make emergency changes in seconds
  • Check your sales data everywhere
  • Review your custom LPA Retail reports from anywhere
  • Make scheduling and purchasing decisions from anywhere
  • Securely store and transfer your data everywhere

Just about anything you used to have to do in the restaurant, you can now do on the road. You can even update your menu, notify your staff of menu changes and add photos of new menu items! Not hard to see how the Revel POS system drives new revenue. The bottom line is that you can manage your business from anywhere and everywhere. To schedule a demo with LPA, call 952-814-4800 or complete the form on the Contact page.