Secure Payments

NCR Secure Pay allows you to process credit, debit, and gift cards over the Internet through a variety of supported processors, providing faster, safer, and more reliable transactions than dial-up card authorization services.

LPA Credit Card Processing Partners

LPA Retail has partnered with NCR Payment Solutions and a couple of other providers as preferred credit card processors.
One of our partner’s representatives will work with you to clarify all the confusing credit card processing fee rhetoric so you can understand what you are actually being charged.
Counterpoint gives you the freedom to select the credit card processor that is best for you. We hope you will evaluate one of our partners as one of the options. No matter who you choose, we will work with you to get the best rate.


Credit card, debit card, and check authorizations via the Internet.

Lightning-fast authorization: response times-typically 2 seconds.

Faster settlement times which means customers are getting through the lines faster.

CPOnline Compatibility allows for real-time credit card authorizations for your e-commerce solution.

Ease of Use

PCI compliant, keeps credit card data off your system and stores it instead on a secure, hosted server.

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