Track Alternate Units

NCR Counterpoint provides a thorough liquor and wine inventory system.
Order wine by the case, stock bottles by the case, and sell using different prices for a single bottle, a half case, and a full case, all using the same item number.
Detailed item records allow you to track items with up to five alternate units such as each, 6-pack, half case, and case.

Automate Purchasing

With liquor and wine software, order the product you need at the lowest possible price using automated purchasing tools that take vendor multiples, and/or vendor minimum order requirements into account.
From one screen, calculate quantities to reorder and generate POs based on desired stocking levels. Additionally consider current inventory levels, commitments, backorders, in-transit merchandise, and open POs.

Increase Speed at the Point of Sale

Run your business seamlessly with a wine and liquor store POS system, taking deposits on kegs and taps and using special orders to sell items not currently in stock. Track sales rep information and offer sales commissions for your employees.
Mobile devices and touchscreen point of sale units allow you to check out customers quickly. NCR Counterpoint is a fast, powerful liquor and wine POS system.

Offer Discounts And Promotions

In addition to selling items at list price, sell using quantity breaks, customer discounts, a markup on cost, or a desired margin.
NCR Counterpoint’s wine POS software and liquor POS software allow you to offer flexible pricing and promotional options, including BOGO and mix and match pricing discounts.

Maintain Detailed Customer Information

Built-in CRM functionality allows you to automatically track purchase history as well as capture detailed customer information. Customize the customer record screen to capture information that is important to you.
Offer customer loyalty programs and sell on account using accounts receivable functionality.

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