Automate Purchasing

You'll save a lot of time by using the min/max and/or days of supply functions to automatically add items to a PO so you don't have to walk the store and figure out what you need. Monitor your inventory and order the product you need at the lowest possible price using automated purchasing tools that leverage vendor quantity breaks, multiples, and/or vendor minimums. Calculate quantities to reorder and generate POs based on desired stocking levels. Additionally, consider current inventory levels, commitments, backorders, in-transit merchandise and open POs.

Employee Payroll Purchases

Does your company allow its employees to deduct purchases from your paycheck?  LPA can work with your payroll team to make this a seamless process.

Employee Allotment

Does your company offer an allotment of $ or product to its employees?  Let us help track and redeem employer allotments all through Counterpoint.

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