POS Service and Support for POS Systems from LPA Retail

by Zan Lano on Mar 03, 2023

You’ve got a brand new POS system and are REALLY excited about it! Then, something goes wrong and the company that sold you the POS system is nowhere to be found. ARRGH!! You aren’t alone—this is a common issue—if not the most common issue people have with their POS providers. LPA Retail is different. We back all of our systems up with personal 24/7 support and a customer service guarantee with teeth. We consider this the most important aspect of our transaction with clients.
Value adds that give us an edge include:

  • A reputation for experienced service people with a high degree of expertise
  • A keen understanding of the nuances of each client’s business
  • A close-to-the-ground mindset that allows us to maintain a pulse on the industry

So basically, we refuse to be an excuses company. We relentlessly strive to understand our clients’ problems and opportunities and then leverage our talent pool to achieve results. Our clients trust us to recommend and provide only what is best for their businesses. Maybe this is why our long-term clients include some of the largest organizations in the U.S.

We have cultivated a culture where our employees take a genuine interest in the needs of our clients, leveraging skills in software development and problem solving to help clients succeed. This is what clients like most about LPA Retail–our staff. In fact, our clients quickly become our friends.