Cloud Based POS systems for restaurants are a game changer

by Zan Lano on Mar 03, 2023

Replace your nearly obsolete cash register (along with all things pen and paper-related) with a Revel POS system from LPA Retail Systems; you’ll be amazed at how fast and easy everything becomes. On top of that, you will be sending a subtle message to your guests that your restaurant is thriving right on the leading edge.

Following are some features you will definitely love:

  • Servers can take order by pressing a few buttons on a touch screen—couldn’t be any faster or easier.
  • With the touch of a button, a ticket will appear in the kitchen either on a screen or printed—no need for servers to make an extra trip to the kitchen.
  • Servers are notified on the screen when the order is ready for pickup—not hard to imagine how much more efficient this makes order and pickup (and of course all of this leads to happy guests and faster table turns).
  • Review your custom LPA Retail reports from anywhere
  • Make scheduling and purchasing decisions from anywhere
  • The server can process the guest’s credit card at the table, in front of the guest. Not only is this more efficient, but it also makes the guest feel secure.

While all of the above leads to a more efficient process for the restaurant and a more satisfying experience for guests, Revel iPad-based POS systems are also able to generate an incredible array of reports. Any report that doesn’t come with the system can be created by LPA Retail’s developers. This means smarter, fact-based management decisions and more time for interacting with employees and guests. To schedule a demo with LPA, call 952-814-4800 or complete the form on the Contact page.