Executive Team

Mike Nelson


Mike Nelson oversees all operations at LPA Retail Systems, ensuring that the company's goals are met in line with its strategic plans. His responsibilities include creating and maintaining relationships with the community and industry leaders, fostering business investments, and exploring opportunities for alliances, mergers, and partnerships. Mike also plays a crucial role in reviewing and advising on contracts, while keeping a close watch on the company's daily operations, finances, and key initiatives. His comprehensive oversight ensures LPA Retail Systems remains aligned with its mission and strategic objectives.

Zan Lano

Vice President

Zan started at LPA in February 2014 on the sales team. In 2017 he moved over to project management, serving as LPA's sole Project Manager until 2022. Zan and Mike purchased LPA in December of 2022 and now he does all manner of things. His first real assignment came about a month into his tenure in: call an upset customer and listen. Of course it's not our goal to have upset customers, but that was a great experience utilizing a foundational skill necessary in this business, or any business: how to listen intently. It's a skill that we endeavor to instill in everyone who works at LPA. How can we support anyone if we don't understand their goals and problems? We strive to learn as much about our customers as they learn about our solutions.