POS Service in Minneapolis Backed by Our New Service Guarantee

by Zan Lano on Mar 03, 2023

We just announced an industry-leading service guarantee. It addresses the service and support issues often associated with retail technology. This new guarantee is:
A Friendly Service Professional in Less than 10 Minutes

This applies to both calls and emails. In the case of a call, a service professional will usually pick up the call immediately.

LPA Retail has been in the POS technology business for a long time. Because of this, we know how important it is that POS systems are always up and running. We want our clients and prospective clients to know that we take this seriously enough to offer a guarantee with teeth. So if for any reason we aren’t able to respond within 10 minutes, we will authorize a service credit.

Our service guarantee sends the message that we treat every request with a sense of urgency and have the capacity to resolve it quickly. In short, we are always there when our clients need us.

We also offer managed services, including comprehensive support that are standalone or bundled into a complete client solution. Current offerings include:

  • 24/7 tech support-backed by the same 10-minute or less guarantee
  • Back-up and monitoring
  • System optimization and security

Our clients trust us to provide the best fit solution for their unique situation and our new service guarantee is an integral component of that solution.