Omnichannel POS Software for Multi-Store Retail

by Zan Lano on Mar 03, 2023

We have recently been certified to sell and support the Cegid Retail POS offering called “Shopping”. We are very enthusiastic about being selected as one of the founding members of a POS dealer consortium that will sell and support this world renowned retail product in the U.S.

Cegid is used by regional, national and international clients with multiple locations in industries that include: fashion, jewelry, gifts, footwear, professional sports, and more. Among other benefits, Cegid offers an outstanding omni-channel shopping experience and top-tier analytics.

It is our intent to expand the number of retailers that we serve and to continue to increase the services we provide to clients. Cegid is a highly respected company with a loyal client base that includes some of the largest, most recognizable high-end retailers in the world.

Developed in collaboration with sales associates, Cegid’s Shopping, is: intuitive, ergonomic, and customizable; available on both fixed and mobile POS devices; and functional on-premises or in the cloud via an SaaS subscription model.

Omni-channel inventory ensures that customers never find conflicting information or make a store visit that leaves them empty-handed and disappointed. An item that is ordered or purchased in any channel is immediately removed from available inventory across the channel.

Our experienced support team, backed by our new service guarantee “A friendly service professional in less than 10 minutes”, is certified for a number of platforms, including Cegid.